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This is an ad-free independent website, not affiliated with any vendors. The primary focus is on system and network administration on Windows. Selection of sites listed is based on the quality of the site or tools and their usefulness to IT Professionals. The goal is to maintain a small current list of unique, highly-useful resources, and not fill up dozens of pages with thousands of links. This approach is admittedly subjective and limited to the authors experience, research and input from readers like you.

Reader additions by experienced IT professionals are encouraged. This web site is updated regularly with input from professionals like you. If you have found a deep Web site, a surface web site, or a tool that is invaluable to your work, please email it to share with your colleagues on this site briefly telling why you find it invaluable. If you believe you know of a site that is more useful than one already posted, substitutions will be made. This website endeavors to contain only the best of the Web. 



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The author has worked in management and in the field of information technology for over 23 years and has a MS degree from the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT. His most recent positions: IT director for the academic technologies department at Mitchell College in Connecticut, Senior Network Technician at ComputerWorks, Inc.. He is currently a member of ACM, IEEE and MENSA and runs his own full time computer consulting business called: Steve the Computer Guy 
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