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About - Web Design

About provides an overview of the basics of Web design. The directory is in the left column. About also offers these programming portals: C/C+, Delphi, Java, JavaScript, PHP/MySQL, Perl/PHP, and Visual Basic.

Broadband Reports

Broadband Reports covers many areas of residential and SMB broadband - news, forums, tests, tools. Under Security>Port Information, users comment on troublesome ports. Forums have over 8 million entries. Under Tests are reports on lossy routers over the past 3 weeks. Under Security>Slow scan, you can test your connection for vulnerabilities.

Host Count

Host Count monitors ~6000 Web hosting companies by market share (top 20 and top 50) and provides a quick profile and links to these. You can also search by keyword to find a Web host by name and get its stats.


Marketingtool has a large listing of website designers by state.


Reallybig has resources for website developers including how-to guides and graphics.

TechRepublic Web Dev Portal

TechRepublic offers free and fee-based (TechProGuild, $90/yr) memberships. This site is for IT professionals and offers a wealth of free resources – online books, white papers, forums, mailing lists, and articles. They also sell tutorial CDs on system administration, project management, security, etc. The software/Web development portal is here: Software/Web Dev.

Web Host Industry Review

Web Host Industry Review (WHIR) provides in depth analyses on Website hosts and offers extensive guidance.

Web Master's Den

Web Master's Den has resources for website developers, including graphics.


WebMonkey has resources for website developers - including how-to guides and graphics.