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IT - References


AllWhoIs is the most complete whois service on the internet for finding owners of Internet domains.


AnswersThatWork lists processes, their description, and which cause problems. There is a search function as well.

BIOS, Wim's

Wim's BIOS has a wealth of information on BIOS.


Bookpool sells technical books at 45% off list price and service is fast.

Dictionary, TechTarget

TechTarget Glossary is an online browsable glossary of computer and Internet terminology.


DLL-files has an alphabetical list of downloadable dll files.

Error messages

Error messages is Henri Leboeuf's site. Errors can be found alphabetically or by number and link to the error in Microsoft's knowledge base.


eSupport sells BIOS for all motherboards. Useful if manufacturer is not supplying it. The have a free tool that extracts detailed information about your BIOS and motherboard.


EventID gives descriptions of event IDs.


Greatis lists startup files and their description and divides them into four categories: necessary, useless, at your option, and dangerous. There is a search function as well. Greatis is the maker of RegRun Security Suite. For example, if you find a file called "bps.exe" executing during your startup, you can find out what it is at this website.


ITR (Internet Traffice Report) continuously monitors the flow of data on the Internet. You can download AnalogX's ITR client which installs an icon in your systray that gives you at a glance the status of the global Internet traffic without the need to open any websites.

KB Alert

KB Alert downloads the entire Microsoft KB (knowledge base) nightly and enhances it. It categorizes these articles by product and has an e-mail notification system that e-mails you when updates or additions are made to the technologies of interest to you. It has a fast search engine and for each product it shows you the “hot” topics, i.e. those most frequently viewed by readers in the past week.

Kernel32.dll errors

Kernel32.dll errors are here interpreted here on James Eshelman's website.

Microsoft KB

Microsoft KB (Knowledge Base) contains all technical support documents for Microsoft.

OS Files

The OS Files gives a quick summary overview of all operating systems, including version histories.

PC Hell

PC Hell provides PC hints, and troubleshooting remedies.


Ports has a list of all ports numbers updated daily by IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority).

Registry Database

Registry Database is Franck Kiechel's extensive guide to the registry.

Server Files

Server Files lists software available by category for network admins and IT pros.


SnapFiles tests and reviews every shareware/freeware tool before offering it. Additionally, they will not list any tools that contain spyware or advertising banners.

STOP error messages

STOP error messages are interpreted here on James Eshelman's website.


TSSN (Trade Show Search Network) is a trade show search engine. The site also provides a list of free magazines for professionals.

Version Tracker

Version Tracker keeps you informed of the latest version numbers for a plethora of utilities.


Webopedia is an online dictionary for computer and Internet terminology.


Whatis is an online dictionary for computer and Internet terminology.

Windows Support Center

Windows Support Center is James Eshelman's support guide. There are many links for data mining further.

General References

Almanac, Infoplease

Infoplease is an online almanac.


Biography has the biographies of 25,000 people.

CIA World Factbook

CIA World Factbook has information on various countries.

Cosmic Clock

Cosmic Clock is a timeline of the history of the cosmos.

Creative Aerobics

Creative Aerobics provides brainstorming techniques that use advanced ideation and mind-set breaking techniques to develop powerful insights.

Creativity Portal

Creativity Portal is a search site dedicated to creativity.


CreativityForLife for a creative spark to get past a block. Visit this site for personal and workplace creativity articles to give you inspiration. Writer's Digest selected this as one of the top 101 websites for writers.

Dictionary, HyperDictionary

HyperDictionary is an online dictionary and thesaurus.

Dictionary, Merriam-Webster

Merriam-Webster is an online dictionary and thesaurus.

Encyclopedia , Britannica Online

Britannica Online Encyclopedia $70/yr.

Encyclopedia , Encarta Online

Encarta Online Encyclopedia $30/yr

Encyclopedia, Ask The Brain

Ask The Brain has a unique approach giving one page of relevant information digested for your search topic. It is an automated encyclopedia assembling information from around the web on 200,000 topics. Results can be highly relevant and more diverse than you would find in a standard encyclopedia.

Encyclopedia, Wikipedia

Wikipedia online editable encyclopedia.

Encyclopedia, World Book Online

World Book Online Encyclopedia $50/yr

Environment, Right-To-Know-Network

Right-To-Know-Network searches environmental databases and gives detailed information on EPA Toxics Release in your area. Search is done by entering city and state.

Global Voices Online

Global Voices Online translates and summarizes blogs from around the world into English.  Learn what is on the minds of your neighbors in other countries.

Guide to Grammar & Writing

Guide to Grammar & Writing has drop down menus to speed finding the writing topic needed.


HowStuffWorks provides free written tutorials on a wide range of topics.

Library Statistics

The Library Statistics program of the National Center for Education Studies allows you to locate library information and compare libraries for parameters of your choosing.

Museum Yellow Pages

Museum Yellow Pages, by the museum Research Board, allows finding museums by state or keyword in title.

NASA - Earth from Space

NASA photos of Earth from space - over 600,000 photos.


NewsVoyager has links to all USA newspapers including links to sections within each paper.

Online Newspapers

Online Newspapers has links to newspapers around the globe.


OWL (Purdue's Online Writing Lab) provides resources to improve wiring skills.

Phrase Finder

Phase Finder has the meanings and origins of phrases, sayings, idioms, clichés and quotes.


PubList is the only Internet-based reference for over 150,000 domestic and international print and electronic publications including magazines, journals, e-journals, newsletters, and monographs. It is a quick way to a find publication title by keyword.

Quotes , Yahoo

Yahoo Quotes give access to many sources of quotations for writing or speeches.


RefDesk is a remarkable source of facts.


Switchboard is a phone directory.


What Time is It? Gives the current time for anywhere in the world.

Writing Tools

Fifty Writing Tools to help you in writing.