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IT - Portals & Engines


About provides a directory-type search for IT topics. It offers ~40 portals to basic IT information within these major categories: communication/networks, hardware, Internet/online, operating systems, programming, sotftware, and  tech biz/careers.


EnterpriseITplanet provides links to resources for IT in the enterprise.


ITL (Information Technology Laboratory) is a division of NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). Their mission is to work with industry, research, and government organizations to make technology more usable, more secure, more scalable, and more interoperable. They develop the tests and test methods that both the developers and the users of the technology need to objectively measure, compare and improve their systems. Their primary portals are Security, Information Access, Math and Computational Science, Software Testing, Network Research, and Statistical Engineering.


ITPRC, since 1999 the ITPRC (Information Technology Professional's Resource Center) has provided links covering all aspects of networking and career management.


Jupitermedia is a map to all of the IT websites managed by Jupitermedia.

MCP Magazine

MCP Magazine (Microsoft Certified Professional) has portals to information and articles.


Searchnetworking is a "networking specific search engine and portal. Provides focused search capabilities with links to relevant content, editorial insight and summaries, daily industry news and weekly technology tips delivered via email."

See Also

In the "General" sections, there are many websites listed that also have IT topics. In addition, the "Security" section has sites for data mining security topics.

General - Search Engine Reviews

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch provides descriptions and reviews of search engines.

General - Search Engines


Useful summary articles

Ask Jeeves

High relevancy searches, owns Teoma


Small but useful statistical result display


Large crawler and directory


Human-compiled, owns WiseNut


Ask Jeeves-crawler, high relevancy


Crawler and tabs for images, video, etc.

General - Directories

Academic Information

Academic Information has a directory structure for browsing an ocean of academic information.

BUBL Information Service

BUBL Information Service is a professionally-maintained directory that displays the most relevant resources for each topic. It has a wide scope and depth developed over many years.

Digital Librarian

Digital Librarian is a directory of hand selected links including these areas of interest to IT: Business & Finance, Calculators, College & University, Computers, Directories, Education, Electronic Texts, Employment, Images, Internet, Magazines & Journals, Non-Profits, Reference, Search Tools, Statistics, and Web Page Design.


Google's directory


Invisible-Web is the companion site for Sherman & Price (2001) which lists all ~1,000 of what the author considers the best deep Web sites. It offers a hierarchical directory of links to deep Web databases. Unfortunately, it only replicates the book and some links are now dead. Alternatively, a search engine for these same links is located here.

Librarians’ Index to the Internet

Librarians’ Index to the Internet is an outstanding directory of hand selected links including areas of interest to IT, namely: Business, Computers, Education, Media , Ready Reference & Quick Facts, and Technology.

Library Index

Library Index is a directory of libraries to help find library resources.


LibrarySpot attempts to bring the best library and reference sites together with insightful editorial in one user-friendly spot. Sites featured are hand-selected and reviewed by an editorial team for their exceptional quality, content and utility. LibrarySpot has received more than 30 awards and honors. Most recently, Forbes selected as a "Forbes Favorite" site, the best in the reference category, and PC Magazine named it one of the Top 100 Web Sites.


LookSmart's directory.

Repositories of Primary Sources

Repositories of Primary Sources lists over 5000 websites describing holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs, and other primary sources for the research scholar. All links have been tested for correctness and appropriateness. There is an index by country and state.

Resource Discovery Network

Resource Discovery Network is a higher education portal to large academic collections.

Scout Report

Scout Report has reviewed 6000 websites since 1994. It has high standards and only reports on the best of the Web. You can subscribe to this weekly report and receive it via e-mail. You can also search their archive by keyword.


Thuderstone is an index of sites not pages and attempts to focus on the quality of answers, not the quantity.


Top9 lists the most popular websites in numerous categories. This allows you to find out quickly which websites are the most active for the topic you are researching.

Web Library

Web Library is the companion site to Tomaiuolo (2004) where the author generously lists and keeps current all the links in this book entitled, "The Web Library: Building a World Class Personal Library with Free Web Resources." These links are worth browsing.


Webliminal is the companion site for the book by Hartman & Ackermann (2005) entitled, "Searching and Researching on the Internet & the World Wide Web." This site lists all the links in the book and has a study guide for use by teachers, students and librarians.

WWW Virtual Library

WWW Virtual Library is the "oldest catalogue of the Web, started by Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of html and the Web itself, in 1991 at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. Unlike commercial catalogues, it is run by a loose confederation of volunteers, who compile pages of key links for particular areas in which they are expert; even though it isn't the biggest index of the Web, the VL pages are widely recognized as being amongst the highest-quality guides to particular sections of the Web."


Yahoo!'s directory.

General - User Edited Directories

Allows users to share their favorite sites and improve search results for their fellow Internet users worldwide - ad and spam free.


GoGuides submissions are qualified by staff editors or by contributors who pay a monthly membership fee of $20-$50.


IllumiRate's directory is edited by users around the world. Sites are rated based on a number of criteria, including presentation, ease of use, and reliability of information offered. A user that wants to be an editor need to submit a short evaluation of any existing website to demonstrate their editing abilities.


JoeAnt's directory is edited by users around the world. A user that wants to be an editor gets to choose one area of specialization for rating websites.


Zeal, a part of LookSmart, lists any well developed site with at least some content that is free to the end user. Zeal combines community features with a professional editorial team. Additions to Zeal reach Internet users worldwide through the LookSmart network of top portals, ISPs, and search services including Lycos, InfoSpace, RoadRunner, CNET, Inktomi, and A user that wants to be an editor needs to pass a quiz on editing criteria before they can add or review sites.

FTP Search Engines


FTPsearchengines is a directory of FTP search engines. These FTP search engines only search for downloadable files.


Fileindexer indexes 16 millions files from thousands of worldwide FTP servers.

Specialized Search Engines for Finding Databases

Go to Searchability for a fuller description of many of these.

Specialized Metasearchers



CompletePlanet uses a query based engine to index 70,000+ deep Web databases and surface Web sites. Use it find deep Web databases that have content on your keywords.


ProFusion is a combination of a metasearch engine and a deep Web portal with a directory structure. The directory structure is accessed by clicking on Specialized Searches. One very useful feature is directory interface is customizable. One can name one or more search items in My Search Groups then include any number of chosen sources from the directory structure. For example, you could create a group called Technology and add all the databases and websites of interest to you. This group is saved to your profile. You could then, at any future time, search this group on a research topic with keywords. This is a great time saver.

General metasearches of over 700 specialized search engines and noteworthy collections are Computing, Reference and Government, Health and News and Media.

General metasearches of specialized search engines.

Multi-Subject Guides



AllSearchEngines provids general information about search engines, and maintains a collection of 500 special search engines.

Keyword searching for search engines is not available.


Beaucoup is one of the oldest specialized search engine guides. It lists over 2500 thoughtfully-selected specialized search engines, directories and indices. Keyword searching for search engines is not available. Some of the stronger categories are Reference and Education, and Family/Pets/Hobbies.

Collection of Special

A Collection of Special Search Engines was developed by librarians at Leiden University, Netherlands. Keyword searching for search engines is not available. Often, you’ll find engines here that aren’t included in other guides. Some of the subject areas covered especially fully are medicine, graphical images, and religion. Some unusual topics are included, for example, Astrophysics, Celebrities, and Classical Antiquity, Middle Ages, Medieval, Mediaeval.

Direct Search

DirectSearch is a mainly a scholarly search engine guide. It includes thousands of search engines. Keyword searching for search engines is not available.


FinderSeeker's strength is its coverage of search engines from even the smallest countries such as Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan. It also lists engines from individual cities and states of the US. FinderSeeker contains a search box and two drop-down menus. One of the drop-down menus contains the names of 27 subject categories. The other contains the names of about 160 countries. You can also search for a search engine by keyword.


Fossick lists over 3,000 specialized search engines. Keyword searching for search engines is not available. Descriptions are included for each of the search engines. In order to see the description of a particular engine, move your mouse over its icon.

Freeality Internet Search

Freeality Internet Search contains hundreds of search engines. Keyword searching for search engines is not available.


LincOn covers over 3000 specialized search engines.


QuickFound covers hundreds of search engines. Keyword searching for search engines is not available. It is especially strong on News, including news archives, U.S. Government and Military, and Reference tools.

Search Engine Colossus

Search Engine Colossus provides comprehensive access to search engines (both general and specialized) from over 100 countries.

Search Engine Guide

Search Engine Guide contains thousands of engines organized into categories and numerous subcategories. You can search for search engines by keyword. This useful information is located in the center of page surrounded on all sides by ads.

Search Engines Worldwide

Search Engines Worldwide specializes in regional search engines. It lists over 1,000 search engines from 138 countries.

Search Enginez

Search Enginez' directory of hundreds of specialized search engines, many of which are not often seen in specialized search engine guides. For example, in the People-Finding category there are court records, inmates, property ownership, and professional licenses.


SearchBug includes a small, well-crafted, specialized search engine collection which aims to cover the best specialized search engines on the web. It contains over 500 engines. Keyword searching for search engines is available. Search engine selection is consistently excellent. Although there are only between 10 and 20 search engines in most categories, they cover many important aspects of the subject.

Specialized Subject Indexes

Specialized Subject Indexes and Search Engines is a small-medium specialized search engine guide. The selection of search engines, while not comprehensive, is research-oriented and often somewhat different from those included in the usual guide and is useful for students and general researchers, as well as professionals.

Ultimate Search Engines

Ultimate Search Engines is heavily weighted toward regional search engines. It includes approximately 1500 engines and you can search for search engines by keyword.

Virtual Search Engines

Virtual Search Engines is a collection of over 1,000 search engines organized into 50 subject categories. Search engines in each category are listed alphabetically, with no subject subdivisions making it fast and uncomplicated to use. Descriptions convey the gist of each search engine.

RSS Feeds


Chordata allows you to drill-down a hierarchical directory structure to find quality-rated RSS feeds.

Metasearch Engines


Rated best


Visual output showing relations


Crawlers, directories, specialty search sites


Has a news accumulator feature


Rated second best, organizes results