Nov 16, 2005

TechDeepWeb's entire website is available on this free document.
(text, links, and link descriptions)

Nov 16, 2005

Link matrix. TechDeepWeb's links with descriptions are available on this free document. These are the same links that are in the PDF, but in this HTM file are in a convenient matrix format to quickly access the linked sites.
(links with mouse-over link descriptions)

All links in these documents are live hyperlinks.

The most recent versions of the links will be posted to the website under the "New Additions" button and the HTM document. There is usually a time lag before changes and additions are integrated into the rest of the website and into the PDF document. See the dates and version numbers to determine which are the latest. 

These documents may be freely distributed provided they are not altered or changed in any way and are distributed in their entirety and free of charge to users.

If you know of a link equal to or better than the quality of those already on this website please submit it to be shared with your colleagues via e-mail.