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AccessEnum by Sysinternals allows you to quickly view user accesses to a tree of directories or keys.

Ace Utilities

Ace Utilities is a suite of useful utilities that all operate from a central interface. It is lightning fast in opening a registry key from the context menu of the registry cleaner for manual editing of the registry. Ignore lists are easily configurable as *.ini files. The "Remove Junk Files" and "Erase Your History" are customizable. You can "Secure Delete" sensitive files. "Disk Analysis" works similarly to "TreeSize." All the preferences you set are exportable for backup. Jv16 and Ace Utilities are the two best registry cleaners available. Use with knowledge, caution and a good backup.

Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image is imaging software for home use that does a better job than the standard enterprise level packages not designed for this purpose. To use it boot the computer to the CD and choose a network drive or second local hard drive for the backup.

Archivarius 3000

Archivarius 3000 indexes the full-text of PDF, Word, and e-mails for instant file content and file name searches. Searching through hundreds of thousands of files takes seconds. Features surpass competitors at an affordable price.

BadCopy Pro

BadCopy Pro recovers files from damaged media.

Bart's Boot Disks

Bart Lagerweij's website can tell you how to make every kind of boot disk imaginable.

Belarc Advisor

Belarc Advisor is freeware that does an audit of your computer and lists all the installed software, hardware, users, and Microsoft updates. They also have software that can be purchased to audit computers on a network.

BIOS Agent

BIOS Agent gives detailed information on your BIOS and motherboard. You can also purchase BIOS through the utility from Unicore if the manufacturer no longer supplies updates.


BootIT NG is the best partitioning software available. If you desired, you could install 200+ operating systems {OS} on one computer and boot from any partition from any of 8 hard drives. As you may know, the MBR {Master Boot Record} only supports four primary partitions. BING, however, creates an extended–MBR {EMBR} and automatically shuffles the needed partition information into the MBR allowing up to 200+ primary partitions – each accessible automatically from a custom boot menu.

Camtasia Studio

Camtasia, from TechSmith, is screen recording software for making training tutorials.


ClipCachePlus can hold multiple clips of text and graphics for later pasting. It does not have encryption but superb ease of use is its strong point. Use ClipCachePlus for routine transfers and "RoboForm" for passwords. ClipCachePlus includes a tool for cleaning text - linefeeds, special characters, tab indentations, etc.

Copernic Agent

Copernic Agent comes in three versions: freeware, personal, and professional. It will search using up to 90 search engines in 10 categories, then combine results, eliminate duplicates, eliminate broken links and prioritize the output. It installs as a client on you computer and goes beyond what metasearch engines can do.


CurrPorts by Nirsoft lets you view which ports are in use and by what.

DLL Archive

DLL Archive by AnalogX searches through all the files on your system and lets you know if any of them contain references to a specific dll. Useful if you need to know if a dll is shared before deleting it during an uninstall.


DrTCP optimizes registry settings for faster downloads for your type of connection: T1, DSL, cable, satellite, dialup.


Endnote is the standard tool used by millions of researchers for collecting, organizing and formatting references. One great feature is you can search deep Web databases from within Endnote and instantly import annotated references of your choice – a great time saver.


Filemon by Sysinternals monitors file system activity in real time.


FolderMatch synchronizes files between any two locations - it works fast and flawlessly. Locations can be saved. Setup a backup location for your files on another hard drive on the network and sync them manually with FolderMatch or automatically with FolderClone using a "set and forget" schedule.


Hyena is favored by SysAdmins to simplify management of medium to large Windows networks.


Iconoid saves the positions of icons on your desktop. When explorer.exe crashes and rearranges all the icons on your desktop, the click of one button on Iconoid will restore them to their saved locations. If desired, Iconoid can also hide all the icons on your desktop similar to Windows auto-hiding the taskbar.

Instant File Name Search

Instant File Name Search indexes the files on your computer and provides very rapid file searches. Searching through hundreds of thousands of files takes seconds.

ITR Client

ITR Client by AnalogX runs in the systray and allows you to view the current status of the Internet globally. ITR (Internet Traffic Report) uses a number indicator between 1 and 100, with 100 being the best.


jv16 PowerTools is a top notch registry cleaner and system tuner with a slick clean interface. Numerous file utilities are provided. Jv16 and Ace Utilities are the two best registry cleaners available. Use with knowledge, caution and a good backup.

Lupus Rename

Lupus Rename is one of the best utilities for renaming a large number of files It gives you a preview of the output before you commit and is an exe file requiring no installation.


Magic Notes provides post-it notes for your desktop. It can also set alarms to alert you to appointments.

Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit

Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP secures computers used in public places.


Nero has the best CD/DVD burning package with excellent auxiliary programs. Its "Nero BackItUp" utility is a great backup utility for home use. It will backup to DVDs.


NetSnippets captures, cites, and organizes material found on the web for your research. Pointing it to a network fileshare will keep all computers synchronized. With the same collected information.

Netstat Live

Netstat Live by AnalogX allows real time monitoring of incoming and outgoing Internet and network traffic on the local computer and includes CPU usage so you know if slow downs are from your CPU or the network.


Enablesopenwithrightclick.reg is a reg file that will enable the "Open with…" option on your context menu. Useful, for example, if you have 6 programs than can edit a jpg file and you use all six under varying circumstances.


PacketMon by AnalogX allows you to capture packets like Netmon by Microsoft. PacketMon includes a powerful rule system that allows you to narrow down the packets it captures to ensure you get exactly what you are after, without having to dig through tons of unrelated information.

Process Identifier Script

Task Manager's processes tab can be difficult to decipher because it often shows many different instances of the same generic process name (e.g., Svchost.exe). Greg Shultz has created this script that will track down each service running inside the process, compile a list, sort it by PID, and then create and open a formatted Excel spreadsheet. You will need to save in .xls format to preserve the formatting. It can also track down spyware and viruses.


Procexp (Process Explorer) by Sysinternals allows you to examine what processes are used by which programs. It is useful in tracking down dll issues.

Registry Compressor

Registry Compressor backs up the registry then removes registry gaps and empty entries, and then compresses and defragments the registry file.


Regmon by Sysinternals monitors registry activity in real time.


Roboform is the ultimate for ease of use and 3DES encryption for password storage for visiting websites. Easily keeps track of hundreds of passwords and store them on a central server. Setup Window's "Offline Files" to automatically keep passwords up-to-date on your laptop. Useful if you have dozens to hundreds of online accounts. You need remember only one master password.


RootkitRevealer from Sysinternals looks for rootkits hidden in your OS. Other rootkit detection software can be found at Wikopedia.


ShareEnum by Sysinternals quickly reveals all shares on an IP address range or domain which you administer. Useful when looking for security holes.


ShellExView by Nirsoft lets you view all installed shell extensions and disable/enable any item.


SimpleOCR is the only freeware OCR (optical character recognition) available. Its OCR capabilities equal that of any others.


Snagit, from TechSmith, is an amazing full featured screen capture utility. It can convert screen capture to text.


SpaceMonger quickly maps your hard drive giving a drawing to scale of disk usage. Very cool for visualizing your data.


StartUpRun, by Nirsoft is the best utility for controlling startup apps - set which to disable/enable.


SysExporter by Nirsoft allows you to grab data in list files in currently open apps.


TreeSize quickly gives you a hierarchical folder view showing folder sizes in numbers and by bar graph. Quickly see which are your large folders taking up all your disk space.

TweakOL 2003

TweakOL 2003 (Microsoft Outlook 2003), from McDaniel Development, configures hidden settings in Outlook.


Undelete by Diskeeper will undelete files.


VMWare offers virtualization software for servers and workstations. This allows setting up multiple testing environments without requiring additional hardware. Applications and upgrades can be tested before implementing them onto production servers.


VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is cross-platform remote control software allowing you to view or control a remote computer.

WinFlash Educator

WinFlash Educator creates flashcard for study. It has a test generation, administration and scoring module as well.


Xplorer2 is explorer.exe on steroids. It uses little resources and surpasses its competitors. A whole page could be devoted to the virtues of this utility. The author uses it daily and can't imagine juggling around hundreds of thousands of files without it. The double pane view simplifies file sorting and transfers. Clicking on any portion of a long path will take you directly to that folder. Tabs can be setup on the panes for folders you visit frequently.